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The polyclinic is located in the Business and Shopping Center "Almeria", at the intersection of Heinzelova Street and Vukovar City Street.
Parking space for your vehicle and the proximity of the Polyclinic solves your worries of comfortable access.
Parking is possible inside the building, as well as in the neighboring parking lot of Lidl and Superkonzum, where free parking is provided in sufficient time to perform your consultation and shorter treatment.

We offer our patients medical services in  plastic and reconstructive surgeryotorhinolaryngology and selected procedures of  aesthetic medicine and  surgery.

The ambience of the Polyclinic ensures work in a pleasant, quiet and discreet environment.
We adjust our working hours to the needs of the patient with double working hours and by separating the outpatient and operative programs.

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In the immediate vicinity of the Polyclinic, there is a medical laboratory where it is possible to do a complete medical treatment for surgery or a systematic examination.

You can also pick up any prescription drugs or other medical products at a nearby  pharmacy.

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Abdominoplasty Get Quote
Basic Liposuction Get Quote
Blepharoplasty Get Quote
Breast Augmentation Get Quote
Breast Reconstruction Get Quote
Breast Reduction Get Quote
Cheek Implants Get Quote
Chemical Peeling Get Quote
Chin Implant Get Quote
Dermabrasion Get Quote
Excessive Sweating Get Quote
Facelift Get Quote
Forehead Lift Get Quote
Injectable Fillers Get Quote
Inverted Nipple Surgery Get Quote
Lip Augmentation Get Quote
Liposuction Get Quote
Lower Eyelid surgery (Lower Blepharoplasty) Get Quote
Medical Aesthetics Get Quote
Mole Removal Get Quote
Plastic Surgeon Consultation Get Quote
Removal of Excessive Sweating Feet Get Quote
Rhinoplasty Get Quote
Septoplasty Get Quote
Surgery for snoring and sleep disorders Get Quote
The Facial Implants Get Quote
Tonsil Removal Get Quote
Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Get Quote
Tonsils Adenoids and Appendix Get Quote
Treatment for Wrinkles Get Quote
Tumescent Liposuction Get Quote
Upper Eyelid surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty) Get Quote

Doctors In Department

Dr Davor Džepina

Dr Kreso Bulic