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Official site of the leading clinic of plastic and aesthetic surgery Certus in the city of Kiev.
We provide a huge range of services in the field of plastics for 20 years already +380 44 333-7010

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Breast Augmentation Get Quote
Breast Lift Get Quote
Breast Reduction Get Quote
Brow Lift Get Quote
Calf Augmentation (Correction of Limb deformities with silicone prostheses) Get Quote
Chemical Peelings Get Quote
Dermal Fillers Get Quote
Endoscopic Rejuvenating face Operations Get Quote
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) Get Quote
Forehead Lift Get Quote
Gluteoplasty Get Quote
Glycolic peel Get Quote
Injections to eliminate wrinkles Get Quote
Laser skin resurfacing facial Get Quote
Lift arms (brachioplasty) Get Quote
Lipofilling Get Quote
Liposuction Get Quote
Outline labioplasty with biopolymeric GEL Get Quote
Plastic Surgeon Consultation Get Quote
Reducing labia minora of plastics Get Quote
Rejuvenating face Operations Get Quote
Restoration of virginity (Hymenoplasty) Get Quote
Rhinoplasty Get Quote
Surgery of the abdomen (abdominoplasty) Get Quote
Surgery of the ear (otoplasty) Get Quote
Thigh Lift Get Quote
Treatment of varicose veins Get Quote

Doctors In Department

Dr Pinchuk Vasiliy Dmitriyevich

Dr Tkach Oleg Sergeyevich

Dr Zamkovoy Vadim Victorovich