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Dr. Bruno Florez Surgical and cosmetic dermatology doctor Hair Restoration and Trichology Surgery Laser treatment Botox and Fillers (Facial Rejuvenation

Information Hospital Brisas del Golf Panama City Panama

Healthcare Alliance business group with more than 15 years of experience in the medical sector,
presented its new associate, Brisas Hospital,
which is a project that was created thinking about satisfying the great demand of the growing communities in Brisas del Golf and surrounding areas.

FUE technology

With the spectacular results of FUE technology in beard and moustache transplantation: beard and moustache transplant FUE does not leave any scars or deformities in the face of the patient and the pain is almost non-existent during the operation.
The difference is observed immediately after the operation, where the hair is permanently implanted, giving natural shape and density.

Package & Pricing

Fue 1000-1500 Grafts (2999 USD)
Fue 2500-3000 Grafts (4799 USD)

Airport and transfer assistance
Hotel not included, Hotel Cost in Panama between 100-150 USD per night

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