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As SMILE HAIR CLINIC we know the fact that once you start to lose your hair, it is hard to think about anything else.
For this reason, we promise to our clients to provide totally natural outlook and imperceptable outcomes by using the most modern FUE(DHI) hair transplant techniques that will carry you back to looking and feeling the way you used to be-or event better! Ultimately, we will boost your morale and confidence, uplift your mood, change your appearance and renew your vigour.
It is the whole package that comes with the new-looking you! Now you can shape your hair, primp or perm it and pamper yourself up! SMILE HAIR CLINIC is absolutely the best decision you will make to restore your hairs! Your hair is our business!

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About Hospital

Smile Hair Clinic is a medical center specialized in hair transplant surgery within a specialized Hospital in Istanbul, a Turkey Ministry of Health-accredited facility in the heart of Kadikoy, a buzzing area of the Asian side of Istanbul.
Dr. Mehmet Erdogan and Dr.Gökay Bilgin manages the medical team at the Smile Hair Clinic and is an experienced hair transplant surgeon with thousands of hair transplant surgeries under his belt has a rich experience out of more than 2,000 hair transplant surgeries.
International patients booking their hair transplant treatment at Smile Hair Clinic will benefit from several services, including interpreting services, airport pick-up and drop-off, hotel booking, and visa assistance.

Hair Transplant

Over the decades Follicular Unit Extraction is prefered mostly comparing to FUT method for extraction of Folliucular Units allows us to extract micro follicular units one by one.


Hair transplantation is a minor surgical procedure by which hair from regions of the scalp that normally never go bald, such as the sides and lower back of the head, is transferred or redistributed into areas of permanent hair loss or thinning. Excellent hair transplantation requires an in depth knowledge of hair loss and surgery skills. An  important knowledge that an excellent surgeon must have to avoid unsafe and unethical approach for patient in order not to harm patients safe donor area by fixing his recipient area. 


Mild sedation is used and patients are fully aware and can converse with the surgical team during the operation.   Patients must eat and drink before the operation. This ensures that the whole procedure is more comfortable.

Careful planning is first utilized to design a hairline according to the patient’s wishes, and following generally accepted guidelines.  The recipient bald or thinning area is carefully evaluated and marked.


In Follicular Unit Extraction “FUE” procedures, using local anaesthesia, individual hair grafts are removed one by one from the donor area using a punch tool. No sutures are needed. Patients will normally be required to shave their entire head in advance of an FUE hair transplant. Following this procedure the patient will be left with multiple pale circular scars spread over a large area. For large FUE procedures it may be necessary to carry out the procedure over two days.


Regardless of the methods of extraction the follicular unit grafts are then carefully prepared, trimmed, and then placed into the recipient sites made in the bald or thinning scalp.  In most cases, grafts of various sizes are artistically placed in zones, in order to achieve the desired final appearance.   Another session may be necessary to complete a hair transplant project, the sessions usually being separated by a minimum time interval of 6 months, to allow time for the blood vessel system to return to full strength and for the new hair to grow out.


A graft simply refers to a follicular unit, which may be a 1-hair, 2-hair, 3-hair, 4-hair, or even a 5-hair follicular unit graft. When hair transplants are performed, the single hair grafts (or follicular units) are inserted into the frontal hairline. Just behind the hairline, the 2-hair follicular unit grafts are placed to add density to the hairline, and behind these are the larger grafts to ultimately add density to the entire scalp and hair restoration procedure. The following diagram shows a close up of 1-hair, 2-hair, and 3-hair follicular unit grafts.


Future grafting sessions may be needed as balding progresses in the years to come. The actual pattern and speed of loss in any particular person is hard to predict.

When the local anaesthetic has worn off, usually after 6-8 hours, the scalp may feel a bit tight and uncomfortable but this soon goes. Simple painkillers such as Solpadine, etc, will help.Some crusting may occur around the grafts.  Intensive spraying in the immediate post-operative period will prevent this to a large extent. Any crusting must not be scratched as the grafts may be pulled out. The grafted area of scalp will appear slightly pinker than usual for a few days but this soon passes.

The tiny hair that is transplanted in the graft normally falls out within the first 3-4 weeks. The new hair will then grow from the hair root and will be noticeable by approximately 4 months and carry on growing as fast and as long as your normal hair, usually about 1cm a month. A post-operative check-up is carried out after 6 months and an assessment of the final outcome of surgery is normally made after 18 months when the grafts are fully grown

Package & Pricing

Price: 1790 € and it includes all below: Medical Procedure Package, It includes all of the below

1- Airport transfers (plane tickets not included).
2- Two nights accommodation in a 4 star hotel (Breakfast included).
3- The Micro FUE Hair Transplant intervention (including all hospital fees)
4- All the necessary blood tests (including Hepatit B, C and HIV (Aids)).
5- PRP treatment (treatment by Plasma),
6- All the necessary postoperation medicines and shampoo, lotion, air pillow,head band and a hat.
• 2 Nights Hotel Accommodation (4*Star- Holiday Inn Kadiköy Hotels) (Bed + Breakfast)
• All transfers airport-hotel, hotel-hospital, hotel-airport
Other (Post-operative Use)- Smile Bag

• Head Band
• Hat
• Neck Pillow
• 1 Shampoo + 1 Foam Sprey
• Medicines; Antibiotics , Painkiller,Ointment,Anti-swelling

Free Transfer

  • Airport Transfers
  • English speaking guide (available in other languages as well)
  • 24 hours services









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Doctors - Smile Hair Clinic

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These are just a few of the leading doctors in the leading clinics for hair transplantation

Mehmet Erdoğan

Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan

Hair Transplant

Gökay Bilgin

Dr. Gökay Bilgin

Hair Transplant