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Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is an exceptional cosmetic and plastic surgery hospital where dreams are made a reality.
Accredited by Joint Commission International, the gold standard in global healthcare, our surgeons are recognized as the most skilled and experienced in the industry.

Not only the sex change or sex reassignment surgery for both male and female, we also provide the aesthetic cosmetic surgery such as nose surgery or rhinoplasty, facelift, chin & jaw reduction, breast augmentation & reduction, tummy tuck, etc.

The world class medical expertise available here offers a new life to those who walk through is doors.
Located in Bangkok, Thailand, clients describe a sensation of being 'reborn' following their treatment at our elegantly designed hospital.

Kamol Services

Male to Female surgery

  Facial Feminine / FFS  MTF Breast  Sex Change  Tracheal Shave  MTF Voice Feminization Surgery
Aesthetic Facial Surgery

  Rhinoplasty / Nose Job  Forehead Shaving  Facelift / Neck Lift  Hairline Lowering
Female to Male surgery

  Top Surgery  Facial Masculinization  Hysterectomy with BSO  Metoidioplasty  Phalloplasty
Breast Surgery

  Breast Augmentation

  Breast implant Revision

  Breast Lift 

 Breast Reduction

  Breast Reconstruction

Body surgery

  Body Contouring

  Arms Lift 

 Body Lift

  Thighs LiftView all

Wellness Care

  Varicose veins

  Non Invasive face

and neck  Melasma,


age spot

  Tattoo Removal

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