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Surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic in Paris
Clinic specializing in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, aesthetic medicine and hair transplants in Paris 8th district

700 m2 dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation
2500+ interventions per year
Certified without reservation by the Haute Autorité de Santé
Quality and experience | Safety and comfort
20 surgeons specializing in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery


Rooms with a clean and modern design
Lhe personalized care of the patient is our priority.
The competence of the teams at your service, combined with the international reputation of our surgeons, guarantee you the best quality and safety conditions for your stay.


First-rate technical platforms
Lhe Clinique Esthétique Paris Etoile has equipped itself with first-rate technical platforms.
Its functional and modern architectural organization, as well as its high-tech equipment allow an optimal and coordinated exercise of surgical activities.


Special attention to your well-being and your comfort
Lhe medical, nursing and administrative professionals put their know-how and professionalism at your service to ensure you are provided with optimal quality and safety conditions


Our clinic offers services that can cover several areas: those of reconstructive surgery, those of cosmetic surgery, those of aesthetic medicine or even those of hair transplantation.
You can find more information on these elements in the relevant pages.

In the Paris Étoile aesthetic clinic, the medical team is at your disposal to offer you the most suitable solution according to your wishes.


Rank : 4.5

Clinique Esthétique Paris - Etoile Treatments

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Abdominoplasty Get Quote
Arm rejuvenation (arm lift, brachioplasty) Get Quote
Black rings under the eyes Get Quote
Breast augmentation using implants (silicone or saline) Get Quote
Breast fat grafting Get Quote
Breast reduction (correction of breast hypertrophy) Get Quote
Breast rejuvenation, breast lift (with or without implants) Get Quote
Buttock rejuvenation (with or without implants) Get Quote
Chin or profiloplasty Get Quote
Correction of ptosis of the breast ("falling" breast) Get Quote
Eyelid Surgery Get Quote
Eyelids (blepharoplasty, fat grafting) Get Quote
Eyelids (blepharoplasty, fat grafting) (For the men) Get Quote
Face lifts (mini of total) Get Quote
Facelift procedures (for the men) Get Quote
Gynecomastia, tuberous breasts and congenital malformations Get Quote
Lip enhancement Get Quote
Lipostructure Get Quote
Lipostructure, fat grafting Get Quote
Liposuction (for the men) Get Quote
Liposuction (lipoaspiration) Get Quote
Micro fat and [Treatment name removed] grafting Get Quote
Mini Abdominoplasty Get Quote
Neck rejuvenation (for the men) Get Quote
Otoplasty (correction of proeminent ears) Get Quote
Reconstructive surgery of the breast (after breast cancer) Get Quote
Rhinoplasty and septoplasty Get Quote
Rhinoplasty or Profiloplasty (for the men) Get Quote
SmartLipo™ Get Quote
Thigh rejuvenation (thigh lift) Get Quote
Treatment for Wrinkles (for the men) Get Quote
Treatment of the black rings (for the men) Get Quote
Treatment of wrinkles Get Quote

Doctors In Department

Dr Antoine Paraskevas