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Alex Ginzburg is a Dermatologist and a world class reputation in the field of Hair-transplantation,

since 1991 he performed over 8 000 hair transplants and he is the most experienced Dermatologist in Israel.


Without any doubt training and experience are the most important considerations in the choice of the attending physician.
Ginzburg has an international reputation, a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation in Israel, and extremely experienced who has performed over 5,000 successful transplants since 1991, at which time he completed his internship in surgical hair transplantation.

When we speak of a “successful hair transplant “ , what is meant is, the transplant in which the hair  was received and continued to grow all the patient's life.
Ginzburg emphasises and states that a “good” transplant is one that cannot be discerned as it looks completely natural.

A very important component in the hair transplant procedure is the artistic aspect and  the perfectionist nature of the physician.
As a classic artist, he works in order to achieve excellent results; the creation of exact shades and colours to mingle the existing hair with the implanted hair.
  Every  hair  that is implanted by him is examined strictly so as to form a complete conception, the creation of a natural appearance with the passage of time.
Ginzburg is concerned not only with the present look of the hair, but also of the look and profile of the whole head in the years following the transplant.

Over the years many actors and communal personalities suffering from balding problems have come to Dr.
These are people whose hair is an important element in their careers.
Ginzburg initiated amazing changes to their hair appearance, and likewise to many more thousands of women and men who longed to look and feel much better about their appearance.

At the consultation all the stages of the hair transplantation are explained to the patient in great detail through questions and answers.
As well, Dr.
Ginzburg will lay before him matching expectations and explain candidly if he will be able to fulfil them.
After checking the patient's age, hair type, manner of balding, hair quality and his life-style, Dr.
Ginzburg will explain to the patient how the treatment would be performed on his type of baldness, and what his hair would look like at the end of the treatment and in the months to come.

Before starting the treatment the patient will receive again an explanation of the procedure both orally and in writing.
The patient will be given a light tranquillizer according to need, will put on a gown and get on to the surgical chair.
A large percentage of patients felt no pain at all during the surgical intervention.
After applying a local anaesthetic, the follicular units are extracted surgically from the donor area and implanted into the selected area.

The transplanting lasts generally  about 3 – 4 hours, depending on the case.
After a short rest the patient returns home.
In most cases the patient can go back to work on the day after the transplant.
A return to physical activity is allowed only about ten days later.

In the event of the transplant being performed on the frontal part of the scalp , Dr.
Ginzburg affixes a special adhesive dressing to the upper forehead in order to prevent swelling.
This dressing must remain on the forehead for 4 days, which can be concealed during that time by wearing a hat.

An additional treatment can be performed at the patient's request and according to the circumstances of the case, and we would then recommend the best procedure from a medical point of view on how to achieve the goal.

In the majority of cases, relatives and friends of the patient are not able to discern a hair transplant.
The greatest satisfaction is when the patient comes to Dr.
Ginzburg a year later for a check-up, and sees the “Before” photograph, and even he can hardly believe that he was so bald prior to the transplant.
“Appearance isn't everything”, but despite this, through painless, simple surgical intervention, it is feasible to improve the appearance and to create a good feeling of acceptance and self-esteem, so why not ?
Since 1991 Dr.
Ginzburg has invested all his energy, experience and skill into helping so many sufferers from balding problems to improve their visage and feelings.
Ginzburg also performs transplants in various part of the world, is invited to lecture at all conferences to do with hair , and since 2009 has been an elected member of the Directorate of the International Society of Hair 

Rank : 4.75

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